Ugur Integrated Food Ltd. Co.

Ugur Integrated Food Ltd. Co.
Uğur Integrated Food Company is the last subsidiary of Uğur Group of Companies, which started trading in 1954. Uğur Entegre Gıda has reached the leading position in its sector thanks to the investments it has made in the national arena and has created brands that have a voice in the world.

Uğur Integrated Food; It has created brands that make a difference in the sector with Ufresh and Chocolate 333. Ufresh brand operating in the field of dried fruits and nuts and Chocolate 333 brand with its various chocolates, cakes, cups and many more delicious products, Ufresh Cold Storages, one of the important companies in the market with its state-of-the-art cold storages spread over an area of 1.435 m², Cerotoni brand that leaves a mark on our palate with the taste of first class Italian ice cream and Nautica Goods, which produces products to add a sea breeze to your living spaces with its unique marine decor collection including ship models, ship dismantling products, vintage products, gift products and more, continues to grow and renew.

Ufresh products are offered to consumers with the freshness of the first day, with the assurance of one of the group companies Uğur Cooling´s 60 years of experience in food storage.

Founded in 2011, Ufresh; has succeeded to make a name for itself in the sector by establishing one of the facilities suitable for capacity increase in Turkey on a total area of 18,000 m², of which 7,500 m² is closed, for the production and processing of food.

Uğur Entegre Gıda continues its professional service approach with its high quality products and qualified sales network. Uğur Entegre Gıda offers the highest quality food products to its consumers without sacrificing taste and freshness.

Uğur Integrated Food; With its experienced expert staff and professional business awareness, it provides quality service that creates value to its customers, gaining the trust and satisfaction of its consumers in all sectors in which it operates.


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