We, as Ugur Group Companies, consider our employees who are the architects of our companies’ success and superiority in competition as our most important value.

Ugur Group Companies, preferred for their human resources policy contributing in the employment in our country with an understanding of “right person for the right job”, ensuring the continuity of qualified human resource and placing importance in its employees, gives utmost importance to the satisfaction and occupational development of its employees.

Being a member of Ugur is a privilege;

Ugur Group Companies, based on mutual respect and trust, has a model structure where all our employees with whom we cooperate are proud of working in such a structure and feel privileged.
Human Resources of Ugur Group Companies executes the following processes;

  • Employment,
  • Training and Development,
  • Salary Adjustment and Social Rights,
  • Employees’ Personal Affairs,
  • Personnel and Administrative Affairs,
  • Performance Management.


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